Our Mission—

Shaping the world by cultivating entrepreneurship to broaden youth perspective and enhance life skills through community connection and experience. 

Our Story


It all started with a cup of Flipping Coffee…

While Founder, Amber Wakem, would love to take all the credit, the idea for Start-Up actually came from her daughter. She states:

"Our family was gearing up for a community garage sale and my daughter, Harper, decided she wanted be involved. When we asked her "how", she told us, she wanted to have a lemonade stand. After a few open-ended questions, Harper realized grown-ups don't care for lemonade in the morning---they want coffee!  

With that, she sat off to create her product "Flipping Coffee", by challenging herself to find the answers to the questions we proposed, researching what people liked in their coffee, visiting a local coffee store, and coming to the realization part of her ensured success came from having support (employee).

from start to finish Harper and her employee (a good friend she carefully considered that would proof to be beneficial to a successful outcome) were able to bring their vision to life. Of course, because of their age, they needed a little computer assistance and help getting to places.

In the end, her vision made over $100 profit in just a few hours---roughly two dollars more than the state minimum wage when divided between the two. Reflecting on this, I realized what a valuable lesson she had learned. I watched her engage Higher Level thinking skills like: product marketing, business development, cost average, and the utilization of branding. What I found even more powerful was how She was able to take those skills and translate them into classroom success and confidence. as a dyslexic child, those both were areas she had previously struggled with. 

It is because of that experience, Start-Up Kids Club was born.”

It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.
— Ann Launders

Vision and Values

Because life happens beyond the classroom--we envision a global culture of independent, resilient, and socially aware individuals who are invested in shaping the world.

  • Ideas over Grade

  • Open to all -- inclusive, diverse

  • Ideation, thoughtful risk taking, iteration, ownership

  • Embrace, acknowledge, empower, understand

  • Hands-on experience & "real-world" skills

  • Community building, fostering, connecting

  • Learning is a lifelong opportunity

  • 21st century skills: Growth mindset, SEL & Technology integration

  • Continuous learning

  • Age isn't a criteria/limitation

  • Collaboration, responsibility, integrity

  • Independent thinking

  • Thoughtfully prepare/exposure