"The kids are amazing and fast learners. But most importantly, they have no fear and just take action. I wish more adults had this same mindset. Coaching them was delightful. Amber is building something important because when a child learns how to get a job, only one job is created. That's what our school systems teach students. But when entrepreneurs thrive, they create dozens, hundreds, and perhaps even thousands of jobs. That's how our economy grows." -Greg, Mentor

"I never imagined entrepreneurial skills or how to start a business could be taught to kids at an early age but I was wrong. Start-Up Kids Club teaches concepts of Business/Entrepreneur skills to kids and gives platform to convert their ideas to product. Start Up Kid's Club even as an after school activity, provides classroom based learning and gives exposure through real market experience, where their product is showcased and is sold to the customer. They can really visualize/realize the way business works in real time. My kids loves to go Start Up Classes." -Kristy, Parent


"I recently attended a Market Day event and I was truly inspired by these kids and their awesome business ideas. Start-Up Kid's Club is destined for big things, including being an amazing launch platform for future business leaders and entrepreneurs." -Jamie, Happy Customer


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