Our Mission...

Shaping the world by cultivating entrepreneurship to broaden youth perspective and enhance lifeskills through community connection and experience. 


Our Vision

Because life happens beyond the classroom--we envision a global culture of independent, resilient, and socially aware individuals who are invested in shaping the world. 

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Children are completely capable and eager to generate ideas that can one day change our world. Often, they just don't know where to start! 

Studies show, as we age, we are less likely to take chances. The ability to take chances however, is an important attribute in small business development, entrepreneurship---and more importantly, LIFE! 

By fostering a program that values idea over grade, we not only open up the playing field to embrace students from all academic levels--not just those who are gifted. Using this approach, we help encourage thoughtful risk taking and idea development in students as young at five years old, laying a foundation that not only grows with them, but will aid to a life of successes no matter what profession they choose.  

Studies have found over 35 percent of successful entrepreneurs have dyslexia or other forms of learning disabilities. With access to a program like $tart-Up, we are setting our children up to embrace differences, acknowledge strengths, and empower them to take ownership in their capabilities while creating an understanding of their presence in the bigger picture. Join us in creating the next generation of leaders that can tackle anything life throws their way!


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