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Amber Wakem
Founder and Owner


Associates & Staff



Stephanie Threinen, Marketing Coordinator

Stephanie started with us in August 2017. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to our team. After an education and career in journalism, in 2008, Stephanie started up her own marketing company, Beyond Green Media, which helps small to mid-size businesses explore and implement their options to promote their products or services on a limited budget. She believes that no dream is too big and no budget is too small if you live with passion and work hard to achieve where you want to be. And Stephanie is living proof that this is possible! As a single mother, managing the day to day of running a household and meeting demanding deadlines can be rough, but she chooses to stay focused on the impact she is making for her family and her clients. Stephanie’s mission in life is to inspire others to make a positive difference in their world, which, she says, starts with “inner beauty.” She implements this philosophy with raising her daughter as well as the promotions she runs for her clients. “Everyone can make an impact. Choose your words carefully and present yourself with confidence and kindness,” she said.  Stephanie recently launched a collection of self-expression products  under the brand “Live Beyond Green” to promote this philosophy. She is donating her time and a percent of the proceeds from her designs to $tart-up Kid’s Club!

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