Join US! 

This April, following our first market of the spring, we will have a very RARE and unique opportunity to invite all interested kids to join us for our inaugural $tart-Up! Retreat. 

During the two night weekend retreat at the Loralee Ranch, $tart-Up! Kids will not only have the chance to meet fellow like minded entrepreneurs, but explore ideation and iteration in a safe, inclusive environment.

Students will play partake in team building and critical thinking challenges, network with students from across the city, and partake in some of the incredible amenities found at the Loralee Ranch like: swimming, horseback riding, games, and much more! 

*Space is limited and opened to the first 16 boys and first 16 girls to RSVP. A limited number of scholarship spaces will be available upon request. $300 includes two night stay, supervision, all meals, and student take home goodies.*  

Need more information? Shoot us an email at 

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