9/28 Money, Money, MONEY!!

I would love to say, this week we had our technology glitches hammered out, but sadly, it wasn't until AFTER classes we FINALLY got it fixed. A big thank you to Patrick at AustinMacWorks, for finally getting us on the road running though!  Sadly, because of that, I am a little skimpy on the picture side. 

If you haven't already guessed, this week, our topic was MONEY! Not only is money an important part of the business world, but having the basic tools and understanding of finances are a crucial necessity for everyone in life. 


When students walked in, we started with a little game called "Make that Money." Now, while I think they would have all liked it to have been a game that provided them with the ability to make real money, we took it more figuratively and literarily, use their bodies and brain to make money. 

First, our class broke up into two groups: boys and girls. The boys, were worth $0.05 and the girls were worth $0.10. The objective of the game was to have each group engage in critical thinking and physically create groups with the amount of money that they teacher called out. I couldn't let them have it that easy though; every amount called meant both girls and boys had to be used. 

The first amount was $0.75; our girl group had 13 and our boys only had 12. No one group could make it alone and had to figure out how they could best create it. It took them a few seconds, but the next thing you know, they were moving around, figuring out the best way to execute the goal. The girls took the first round, but the boys cleaned house the next two, knowing exactly how many they had and moving quickly to move a girl or two without a second thought. 

Money sure can be confusing! It created the perfect segway to announce our weekly speaker, the fabulous bankers of Fist State Bank of Central Texas. Deborah, an employee of FSB at 290 prepared a great presentation to explain banking basic and used her dog, Knockers, as the perfect example to keep students engaged. 


They explained everything from the importance of keeping your money safe and not sharing personal information to the basics of writing a check, depositing funds, using a debit card and withdrawing. 

Deborah created a great visual example involving the importance of tracking expenses. Her dog, Knockers, had $100 in her account. She spent $75 on rent, $20 on pizza and another $25 on AMAZON because she was tired of her old toys. Without paying attention, Knockers overspent and owed the bank money! Thankfully, we life in an age where online banking can help keep prevent that. 

FSB had paired with us early in the semester and opened optional checking accounts to interested families. This really provides students with a great opportunity to see not only the quantification of money, but teaches them to start tracking expenses and managing their finances. At the end of the semester, after they have establishes their businesses, this further provides an early lesson on teaching students to move funds from their checking accounts into savings. At EE we had some very ecstatic students, ready to learn how to use those "beautiful" debt cards. 

At Dittmar, as Deborah shared how banks can help give you loans, we had an excited animal lover eager to learn how he could get a loan on an elephant. Our FSB financial experts responded beautifully. We all learned while it's not impossible to get a loan to buy an elephant to start a circus or zoo, you might want to consider a smaller pet, if it was for personal use! Thank you Deborah, Cheryl, Noah, and Janet for providing your financial wisdom with our $tart-Up! Kids.


Following our bank presentation, students branched out for their first day of project work! They signed up to created business shirts, made list of what they needed, and began to work on items for marketing their business. Before we knew it, class was over and we were on our way. 

Next week, our $tart-Up! calendar is full. Not only do we have guest speaker and entrepreneur, Matthew Alvarez from Intercom Radio, our Eanes location we will be joined by chocolatier Mark Edwards. Additionally, both locations have the added opportunity to participate in a behind the scenes private bank tour, sponsored by First State Bank of Central Texas. I don't know about you, but I can tell you---I'm excited. I've never had the chance to what goes on at a bank, let alone venture into the bank vault!! Thank you FSB for providing us this incredible opportunity. 

Until next week my friends, stay curious! 


Amber Wakem