10/6 A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That...

If the title didn't already give it away, let me just tell you---this week we had an assortment of activity for our $tart-Up! Kids. Because of the uniqueness of each group, this was the first week our main locations differed in their class experience. If you by chanced missed out on the fun, have no fear. I already have make-up events in the work. 

Let's start with what happened at EANES this week, because their classes are the first of the week. When I picked up our $tart-Up! Kids for class, they were already buzzing with excitement about who their guest mentor was. Class usually starts with a nice group activity or ice breaker, but I knew with out excited they were, they might have no interest. 

As always, I welcomed everyone, got them settled and asked for a show of hands how many $tart-Up! Kids wanted to start with the game. Much to my gut feeling, only three raised their hands. They were all eager to have me introduce their mentor today. So, I did. 

Now, are you on the edge of your seat wondering who had our $tart-Up! Kids so eager for a presentation? Just a little curious who made a group of kids want to skip a game? Well--I shall tell you. Our guest mentor for the day was Matthew Alvarez from ENTERCOM Radios: MIX 94.7, Majic 95.5, and 1340 Talk radio. Their wasn't a single $tart-Up! Kid who wasn't teeming with joy to meet a real life radio DJ. Just a side note, they were also super excited because this incredible man had extended the opportunity to interview them on air. They were dying to ask him about it. 


Mr. Alverez spoke to the kids about his experience not only as a Radio DJ, but also, how too is an entrepreneur. In his spare time, he does audio editing, photography, and comedy. He had presented a wonderful presentation for our kiddos, but because of district video filters, was unable to share some of his work. The kids drink up every word he said. We even had one young $tart-Up! Kid, who sat and recorded his presentation. 


In addition to his entrepreneurial experience, he shared with the kids how he got his big break. As a young entrepreneur, he had to sell himself. He would create ads for organizations and companies with the hope, his add would be chosen. One day, he got his wish---Taco Cabana picked up his radio ad and it was the stepping stone to getting his voice on air. Matthews story of tenacity and determination was very inspiring to hear. 


He demonstrated what sound and audio editing looks like and how much work goes in to each production you hear. The kids enthusiastically poured question upon question at Mr. Alverez about his experiences not just on air but in life. One of my favorite contributions from Matthew was the story about his dad. He shared how Charlie Rose, a famous talk show host and journalist, stated one of the things he regretted most was never recording his parents voice. Determined not to have that same remorse, he captured not only his dads voice but made a video to honor him. I am sure his dad, a life long entrepreneur himself, would be proud to hear the passion and joy his son carries for him. Check out the video below. (Excuse the faint sound) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL8dGD5Xk5o&feature=youtu.be

Uploaded by Amber Wakem on 2017-10-10.

For more information on Matthew Alvarez and his entrepreneurial journey, please visit his website at https://www.mattalvarez.com. Thanks for coming Matthew, the kids haven't stopped talking about it! 

Next up (like a warned, we had a week of this and that!), our Eanes students had the pleasure of participating in a private, behind the scenes bank tour at First State Bank of Central Texas on Wednesday. Our Dittmar group had theirs on Thursday. Out of consideration for the distance some $tart-Up! Kids from our Dittmar group travel, we opted to hold their tour in replace of class on Thursday. FSB has been a tremendous partner and friend to $tart-Up! Kids Club. They have not only offered to open accounts, come out and spoke to our kids, but also extended this unique opportunity to our students. So thank you FSB for your support to our future leaders! 

Both days, students met at FSB and were welcomed with fresh fruit, juice, tasty breads, and of course, your typical bank lobby lollipops! The branch president Jeff and a few other FSB employees shared a little history, insight, and gratitude with our $tart-Up! Kids and their families. (Due to bank security and client protection, we gathered memories, and have limited pictures).  


Once snacks were finished, Cheryl, an FSB employee turned into our private tour guide. She took students into the vault and discussed not only the importance of keeping your property safe, but the highly secure abilities that banks have now a days. Students asked questions about what types of things people put in their boxes, to hypothetical "what-ifs". 

After that, teller, Deborah, shared a collection of coins from around the world. The kids loved seeing all of the various currency and learning how far it had traveled. 


Students then had the opportunity to venture behind the teller line. They got to see how the canisters work, see how they decipher fake money, a coin machine works---and even get to watch as clients pulled in to make a deposit. Our $tart-Up! Kids were honorary bank tellers and waved with joy. We did relocate before any information was exchanged for the privacy of bank members! 

Our $tart-Up! Kids LOVED getting to see a little bit about how a bank worked and where their money goes when they made a deposit. Our Dittmar group had the pleasure of having a Community Impact photographer and reporter along for tour. She snapped a few questions and interviews the kids about their businesses. Stayed tuned for a feature in the October edition of Community Impact Southwest! Before we all left, groups posed for a picture and we said our goodbyes. Some students hung around to make deposits and visit more with the amazing FSB staff and crew. 


Thanks again First State Bank for all of your support and knowledge passed on to our $tart-Up! Kids. We are so glad to have you in our corner. 

As you can see, we had quite the week at $tart-Up! It truly was a little bit of this, and a little bit of that! I will sign off for today and leave you with this great little visual and reminder, balance is key! Work hard, but don't forget to have a little fun! Until next week $tart-Up!, stay curious. 


Amber Wakem