11/10 Reflect and Adapt


This isn't the first time I have used this quote---nor will it be the last. There is just something about it that seems so truly perfect to me. Its an incredible reminder that things aren't permanent; we have to keep swimming as Dory said from Finding Nemo. 

With our market taking place on Sunday, I thought it was important as a group for us to reflect on our experience. All three locations started with a game called "Snowstorm." First, each student received a blank sheet of paper. I asked them to write down one thing they learned from the market and not write their name on it. After they finished writing something they learned, each student wadded it up in a ball, crushing it and crinkling it however they wanted. Now for the fun part, each class engaged in a full fled snow storm battle for a good 90 seconds. Everyones lessons were tossed around and mixed up. When time was up, students grabbed the closest paper to them and unfolded it. One by one, we read what each student anonymously wrote. Look at some of these incredible lessons. 


Once we finished recapping, we shared the commonality found in each friends learned lesson and watched a video on Reslience and adaptivity. This lead to an open discussion about how sometimes, things don't go the way we want them too the first time, and how we shouldn't give up. Most students felt proud and excited about their market experience, but a few were expecting more. Out of the 8 total students who wanted to just give up on their business and come up with a new idea, we were able to talk all 8 into giving it one more shot! Take that failure---we are NOT GIVING UP! 

As a class we broke out our data sheets and collected information about how much our cost were, how much our sales were, how much we paid back, and how much profit was earned. We chatted about what we could do with out money, but in the end, the mutual decision from most was to save it until the next market. 

Students then reflected on their business. What worked---what didnt work? What are some changes we can make or try to help make it more successful next time? What new deadlines do we need to make? All three glasses provided great feedback and advice not only for themselves, but for their peers. I think I mentioned it last week, but one of my favorite things from the market was watching the other students support each other. They would go around, ask questions, purchase things from them and offer encouragement. Going to all three schools this week and hearing students talk about kids from other schools and parts of the city with respect and pride, really made my heart sing. I couldn't be more proud of those students---even if they gave me a hard time for not bringing in a mentor for them this week so we could talk money. *Note to self: always have a presenter!* 

Because we had such active conversation this week, I have to admit, I was terrible and grabbed NO pictures. What can you do?!

Until next time guys, stay curious. 


Amber Wakem