11/17 Stick With It!

Looks like another week in the books! With our first market behind us and our second one just weeks away, these kiddos are fast at work bringing their ideas to life. 

EA and EE : At Emergent and Eanes, we started class today with a quick game and the kiddos were ready to get down to business. It was so great hearing the budding feedback shared in our open discussion. Students provided suggestions for their peers, voiced areas of struggle, and received glowing reviews! 

Today, our speaker was Jill Faulkner, with Stick With It Co. After more than a decade serving others in executive roles, Jill Faulkner decided to bring her expertise in business and communication together with her passion for people. Stick With It Co., was born in 2015 from Jill’s desire to share her journey of self-love with others seeking similar fulfillment. Her mission is for people to love themselves wholly – with a little help from affirmations that stick.

She showed the kids an example, discussed price point, how she went through several prototypes, ordering, and the process she went through to arrive at her final product. She shared with them numbers, profit margins, and advice--she learned the not so easy way! After she was finished, she pulled out post it notes and encouraged the kids to write their own positive affirmations! 

At Eanes, we were joined by Suzanne Davis from the Westlake Picayune. She chatted with students about their visit and took a few photos. Make sure you pick up the November 30th paper to read the wonderful words she wrote about these kiddos! 

Thank you to both Suzanne and Jill for coming to our class this week. It was an incredible experience. 

DPR: At Dittmar, we started our class with a bean trading game. Each student had a bag of jelly beans---one of eight different colors. The object of the game was to go around the room and try to talk their peers into trading with them. The object of the game was to be the first one to have all of the same color! 

Afterwards, we were joined by Vema Reddy, a  life long entrepreneur and founder of Software Chatbot Company. Vema talked to the kids about some of the things he has done, tried, and even created. He discussed the importance of being tenacious and resilient--because as many of us have learned, things don't always go the way that we want the first time, err second time... maybe several times! He did a great job answering questions and even asking some pretty deep questions to this group of kiddos. 

Vema--it was a PLEASURE to have you in class. I can't wait to get you into a few more of our locations next year! 

And, with that being said---we closed the chapter to another great week in $tart-Up! Kids Club. Until next week, stay curious. 



Amber Wakem