11/21 National Entrepreneur DAY!


With the Thanksgiving holidays, we sadly didn't have class at Emergent or the Dittmar Parks and Rec Center. I will say, when I showed to EA on unrelated business on Monday, they did express their sadness we weren't having class!

The only location we had class at was Eanes.... which excitedly enough, was National Entrepreneur Day. Instead of the typical work day, we celebrated with games and fun! To start, we played a game geared at global business. The students had four points around they room they had to win a game in before they could move to the next. They had 3 minutes to travel around the world as many times as they could---our winner, Avinash, made it SEVEN times around! 

Next, we played a game where the students moved around the room in slow motion trying to make eye contact with a peer. Once they did, they would holler greeting and move towards each other. We chatted about the importance of eye contact in business and knowing how to approach people in business. Who said learning couldn't be fun!

We closed with a talk about the importance of having a website and its presentation with none other than one of our very own parents, Sujala! She's the founder of an organization called Code Cookies. Code Cookies is an incredible organization that looks to teach children how to code. As she chatted with the students, she showed them the backend of a website---all of the code that makes it what it is. This of course excited EVERYONE and they were begging her to show them her secret! Not only did Sujala help teach our kiddos about web presence, she went a step further and has offered to donate her service to our $tart-Up! Kids and design a sign for their business! Talk about incredible!!! 

Thank you Sujala for coming and supporting our kiddos. It was a joy to have you!

We here at $tart-Up! hope that not only you and yours have a spectacular National Entrepreneur Day---but a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Until next week, stay curious! 


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Amber Wakem