11/6/17 To Market, To Market...

What a WEEK! I usually aim to post our weekly recap blog on Friday, but with our first Market scheduled for Sunday, thought, hmm why don't I wait and include it in our week. And BOY, did I not realize how much time would be taken up after the event! So here I am, better late than never. 

Because of the excitement of the Market, Im going write this blog backward, starting with the Market and heading back into our week. Sunday, November 5th, 2017 marked the day of our very first $tart-Up! Kids Market. While I spent days preparing, it was nothing compared to the months the students have invested to build their business. 

The weather treated us great! Students arrived around 12pm to start setting up their booths and we were joined by the food truck from P.Terry's and Newks. Around 1pm our crowd started to trickle in. From start to finish we had almost 500 unique patrons to our market! $tart-Up! Kids approached customers, talked about their businesses, and one of my favorite parts, became customers themselves. When they had downtime, you would see them running over to the other booths learning about their peers business and showing their support. I don't think our first Market could have turned out any better. Check out some of our pictures that the amazing Julia Marie Photography captured. 

Moving onto our week!

EA: In class this week, we started with a game called the Human Barometer. Students were asked a series of questions and would move to the Right if they agreed, Left if they disagreed and would move to the Middle if they had no idea! This sneaky game gave us a lot of feedback about how the kiddos felt gearing up for their market!!

We were joined by Paul Raspa Jr. of Souldiers INC. He talked to the students about how to build confidence before the big event by standing large for two minutes, the benefits of drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water a day, and taking slow, controlled, deep breathes. Students enjoyed Paul's interactive presentation and finished class with some project work. 

EE and DPR: This week at both Eanes and Dittmar, we started with the same Human Barometer game. Student response was helpful in evaluating how ready they were for market---and finding out how awesome they thought their teacher was ;)

Our speaker this week was Ms. Stacey Martin of Awaken Austin.  She shared with students how some of our most famous role models at one point or another failed. She walked the students through a visualization activity and helped provide some valuable feedback about their businesses and ideas. 

A big thank you to both Paul and Stacey for joining our $tart-Up! crew this week and helping prepare them for their first big sale. I could really see the confidence they carried with them! 

Signing off---and until next time, stay curious. 


Amber Wakem