12/8/17 That's A Wrap


Can you believe it?! We finished our second market of the semester and these kiddos ROCKED IT!! I am so proud of them and all of the heart work they put forth. I won't lie, I might have cried a few times in class this week. I couldn't help it---these kids inspire me. They had a plan and they executed it. Way to go. Check out some of our pictures from the market. Thank you to Sidney Hollingsworth for your great shots. 

EA:  Our game this week was called "Talking Behind Your Back". Students wrote their name very faintly on a piece of paper and then we taped it with their name down on their back. Students then went around and left feedback on each others back. Once everyone finished, I took the papers and laid them down for everyone to try and guess what others where saying about them. Students shared positive feedback like, "you are a leader", "you have great ideas", "you never gave up, great job." 

We were joined in class today by Allison Elium, founder of Wildflower Speech Therapy. She talked to students a bit about what she did, how she got the idea, and what made her different from other people in her field. As a solo therapist in her firm, Allison explained to students how in business its important to have the customer service down, but also have boundaries! With a large part of her practice taking place online, the students were fascinated by the idea of building something with a great span like that. 

Thank you Allison for sharing your time and knowledge with us! We appreciate it. 

EE and DPR: We started class with the same game we EA this week. What made this game so incredibly powerful for these classes were because it was made up of students from kinder up through fifth grade (tenth grade at DPR). Over the past four months, these students have worked together, found commonality, respect, and compassion for each other---an opportunity, they would have never had if it wasn't because of building their business. After starting the game, a few of our kiddos noticed i wasn't wearing one and insisted that I join in. Their words and feedback was beyond moving, not just for me, but for each other. 

Today's guest speaker was our wonderful volunteers from Northstar Financial's "Power of the Purse." They gave each student a folder with a financial information and talked to the students about what to do with their money they earned. Each lady discussed the importance of different financial aspects: investing, saving, donating, using to maintain/build your business and provided them with an envelope to set money aside for something of their choosing. 

They gave a fantastic presentation but more so, gave us the perfect end to a semester. These ladies provided $tart-Up! with such unwavering support, love, and dedication this past semester, I am beyond grateful for their partnership. Watching them grow to love the kids, help them build their business, and go out of their way to attend events, leaves me humbled and speechless. I couldn't imagine the semester without having them in my corner. So, LADIES---THANK YOU, from each and every one of us at $tart-Up! Kid's Club, you are a rare gem and been amazing mentors for these kiddos. We LOVE YOU!! 

Well, with that, we wrap up our semester! Thank you for joining us on our journey. While we are finished with the semester, it is just the start of our journey! Stay tuned for our next group of classes and more fearless $tart-Up! Kid's taking over.  Until then, stay curious. 


Amber Wakem