9/14/17 Thinking About Thinking

Another week in the books for our $tart-Up! Kids. This week students were challenged to take a metacognitive approach to their idea, or in simple terms, think about their thinking! As our most "school" like unit in $tart-Up!, this cumbersome and monotonous approach, though meaningful in the long run, can come off not very fun for young entrepreneurs, they all took to it like business mogul! A big thank you to the ladies of Power of the Purse with Northstar Financial for coming out and helping our some of our youngest entrepreneurs document their thoughts! 

Class started off this week with an ice breaker I called "10 Minute Business". Students were given a number 1-5 and created corresponding groups with their fellow common numbered peers. We discussed how in business, it was important to work together---and at times, you wouldn't even know the people you worked with. We discussed the importance of hearing each other out and respecting everyones ideas, even if you didn't like it. The rules of the game were simple; students had 10 minutes to work together with their team to create a product using the materials provided. After the 10 minutes were up, each group was given 45 seconds to "pitch" the product to their peers and were given feedback on rather or not they would buy it. Largely the class LOVED the game and it was incredible to see what they created. We had everything from keychains and snow globes to cat toys and rocket launchers! 


After the game finished, students headed back to their group for our weekly mentor chat. This week, we had the incredible, Maury McCoy with Penny Portrait. He talked to the students about how he came up with the idea and when he first started out, how he had posters EVERYWHERE! They were under the beds, in closets---where ever he could store them until they sold. Maury spoke about revenue and cost, and how though he can buy the posters for cheap, there are other factors/cost involved with the process. He explained the importance of marketing and presentation, as well as the importance of putting yourself out there. He even shared how just chatting about his idea led way for him to purchase 5,000 steel pennies to include with each poster sold! Students were fascinated and asked questions galore. Everyone wanted to learn more about the penny portrait. Maury gave such an outstanding presentation that even our volunteers and attending parents couldn't resist getting involved in!  


Following our mentor discussion, students met with their business groups and worked on thinking through their idea. They answered questions about target audiences, what their mission was, things they might need, and also thinking about things that could hold them back. Here's a snapshot of one students response: 


I loved watching all of our $tart-Up! Kids think through their business and demonstrating that even though they are young, they are fearless, capable, and tenuous. World---mark your calendars, these young business owners go to market November 5th, 2017! For More information check out https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tart-up-kids-market-tickets-37916139193 We hope to see you there! 

And in the words of one nameless $tart-Up! Kid, "I am going to blow the world away with my business." 

Digging the cool shirt? We can send you one with a donation of $25 or more! 

Digging the cool shirt? We can send you one with a donation of $25 or more! 

Stay Tuned for Next week: Marketing and Logo Design with Ron Martin. Stay tuned! Until then folks, stay curious! 


Amber Wakem