9/21/17 Logo Madness!

So sorry for the delayed post. I feel almost compelled to open this entry by getting some frustration of my chest; UGH! Technology. There---whoa, better. But really, technology! This past week our $tart-Up! Kids did some incredible things, and sadly, I don't have much to show for it. Currently, as we speak, er, type, I am sitting at the Apple Store to hopefully fix my technological fails. Now, with that monkey off my back, let's talk business! 

There is one thing I have come to realize over the course of the past few weeks with my kiddos, we have such big classes that I don't get the chance to really get to know them. So, I had an idea! On Tuesday, I did break away lunch dates with all of my students at Eanes. We had such an amazing time, chatting about live, loves, and business. My heart swell with pride hearing their tales and seeing their enthusiasm.  I was also able to visit one of my Dittmar kiddos at their school for lunch, and am currently working on scheduling one on one visits with them too! 


The last two sessions, students have been hard at work creating their ideas and thinking them through. So for the first time in class this week, they could verbalize their business with pride and assurance. As always, we start our meeting off with a way to get the kids outside of their bubble and interacting with the other kids. Both locations have students ranging from Kinder-5th (Dittmar ranges through 9th!), and at our Dittmar location, students actually come from all over the city.  Its important they get the chance to get to know one another. 

Our game this week was called "Nacho Business". Students wrote down the concept of their business and what they would be doing; those working in a partnership defined what each was unique about their role. After they finished, I collected all of the "nachos" and placed them in a basket. Students then drew out a card at random. To figure out who went first, I had remarked one of their nachos with the number 1. 

Once we figured out who would start, the student read the card out loud. Whose ever business it was would shout "That's NACHO BUSINESS...Thats MINE!" and run over and grab it. They would then read the card they had and so on until all students had their business back! 

This was the first time our students were sharing what their business was and it was neat for them to watch them take ownership of their idea! 

After the game was over, we introduced our mentor of the week, Ron Martin, of Ron Martin And Associates and he spoke the the children about the face of their business---their LOGO. The kids watched with such excitement as he showed different logos he had designed. He explained to them the importance of an original, simple, and powerful logo that was memorable. 

When he finished with his presentation, he had the kids play a game. He explained to them, he was going to show them 40 logos and wanted to see how many they could recognize; the catch was, they would see all 40 images in EIGHT seconds. Everyone shouted out names he the video scrolled. Every single logo shown, the children were able to identify. From that, he used it to drive home the point that even though you didn't have time to read the words, you were familiar with the logo and it's brand. 


Ron gave quite the presentation and let me tell you, those $tart-Up! kids were up to the challenge. They took to eagerly creating their logos and sought him out for feedback. Check out some of the logos our KIDS created. 


Very proud of these kids and their hard work. Their businesses really are coming together. Make sure to mark your calendar, all of these businesses plus many, many, MORE are launching on November 5th, 2017 from 1-4pm at 7310 Ben White Blvd. These kiddos will be selling their products or services and we will be celebrating with live music, silent auction, and  food. Bring cash and prepare to have your mind blown. 


Until next week, stay curious! 


Amber Wakem