And the Winner Is...

Sunday, January 21st, 2018, we celebrated our first annual Small Business Awards. With 150+ people in attendance, we spent the evening recognizing the amazing things our founding $tart-Up! members accomplished and will forever leave behind. We were so blessed to be joined by Chopped Jr. champ, Caroline Coleman---what a WONDERFUL speaker and inspiration to our kiddos. Unfortunately, our keynote speaker, Mikaila Ulmer came down with what mom thinks is the flu. Mikalia, everyone at $tart-Up! wishes you well, and can't WAIT to have you join us in the future. 

Awards were handed out to students in the following categories: Most Improved Business, Most Profitable Business, Outstanding Leader, Most Online Sales, Sales Superstar, Best Business Appearance, Most Innovative Business, and Perseverance. During the evenings celebration, we also recognized to 2017 students choice, Mentors of the Year! 

Our 2017 student winners are: for Most Improved Business from Eanes Elementary, Avinash, founder of Rock, Paper Scissors, from DPR, Franco, founder of Whatda Know? T-Shirts and Cards, and from Emergent Academy, Hannah, founder of Hannah and Co.

For Most Profitable Business our winners were: from Eanes Elementary, Violet, Tate, and Sloan, founders of Sparking Wildflower, from DPR, Lyla and Bliss founder of Bark-A-Lot and from Emergent Academy, Slimes by Kate. 

Our Outstanding Leader winners were: Beauty Bomb founder, Harper, and Tiny Bake founder Jacob.

In the category of Most Online Sales, our winner was Ella, founder of Calm Balm.

For our Sales Superstar award, winner was founder Eliza, of Soft Squeeze.

Best Business Appearance winner was, Hudson, founder of Husdon Huggables.

Our Most Innovative Business winners are: fro Eanes Elementary, Jett and Colton, founder of Sweet Tooth Sushi, from DPR, Miles of MySmiles Shop, and from Emergent Academy, Morgan of Morgans Marketing.

 Finally, in the category of Perseverance our winners were: founder of Nothing But Soap, Jeslyn and Loco Lotion founder, Addie..

During the celebration, we also recognized 2017 students choice, Mentors of the Year. From Eanes Elementary in runner up, we had Matthew Alveraz of Intercom Radio. Our winner was Cody Butler, co-founder of Heat Bootcamp. 

From DPR in runner-up, we had Ron Martin, from Ron Martin and Associates. Our winner was Christina Schooler, founder of Urban Roots. 

And finally our Emergent Academy winners were: in runner up, Paul Raspa of SOULiders and winner Jill Faulker, founder of Stick With It Co. 

To our sponsors: Marriott Austin South, Fingerpulse Media, David Ichak Financial Management, American Dream Vacation RV Sales and Rentals, First State Bank of Central Texas, and Avec Mode, THANK YOU for your support, love, and HELP. We couldn't have pulled it off without you. 

Classes will be starting soon, so stay tuned for more fun. Until then, stay curious. 

Founder, Amber W. 



Amber Wakem