Your Smile is Your Logo...

To wrap up our first month back in classes, students explored logo design. We used the quote by Jay Danzie, “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark,” to help students understand how important a logo is to their business. Check out what happened around our campuses:


With the help of JB Raftus, students at the Magellan Entrepreneur Club started working to design their logos. JB talked with students about the importance of simplicity and creating a brand. After sharing his words of wisdom, Mr. Raftus stuck around and helped give feedback to students on their designs.

Launch Pad:

Students in our Launch Pad program, at Rawson Saunders, had the pleasure of welcoming in Bradford Maxfield, graphic artist turned top three street artist in Austin, to help with their logo design. Bradford provided students with resources to design books, color techniques, and professional feedback as they ventured to design the look of their business.

Orange Co-Working

This week at Orange Co-Working, we welcomed Matthew Upton, Owner of Zero Four Web Solutions, who spoke with us about what makes a great logo. Students loved identifying hidden elements in seemingly simple designs--like the “4” in Mr. Upton’s own logo!

Eanes Elementary:

This week we welcomed Larry Lewis, in, a personal friend of SKC 2017 Mentor of the Year for logo design, Ron Martin. Mr. Lewis shared feedback on how he created his brand and his experience in the graphic design field.

Lake Travis Community:

This week we heard from designer and artist Victoria Waite.  Victoria shared with our students her experience working in advertising and graphic design, as well as her current endeavours as an artist.  Her work is currently for sale at multiple locations, including fashion boutiques, salons, and galleries, through Austin and San Antonio.

The Breezz:

This week at The Breezz we welcomed Tyson Ferguson creator and Co-Founder of the music streaming application Clyp. A major competitor to SoundCloud, with over a million monthly active users, they offer a self-sustaining platform that introduces an easy way record, upload and share audio.

Also, a serial UI/UX design expert Tyson urged this youth entrepreneurial group "To get creative and write down everything that comes to mind." While ending his presentation reminding the group that their logo is their trademark and that iteration offers more weight then complexity.

Rawson Saunders:

Logo design is always a classroom favorite—what’s even better is when you have a talented designer who helps share their pearls of wisdom with you! In class this week, seasoned designer, Luke Flips, shared advice with students on their logos. Luke wasn’t scared to get down on his knees and help students work through their logo design. His feedback helped create some FANTASTIC logos.

Thanks so much to all the mentors who shared their time and expertise with us. With your help, these kids have designed some top-notch logos and brands!

Amber Wakem