2/9/18: Spring Session Kicks Off

WOW! It seems like forever since I had the pleasure to write about the exciting things going on in our classes--it's SO good to be back. 

Back in December we wrapped up classes in all three of our locations, and over the break had some incredible things happen. While Emergent Academy moved away from after school programming, we were able to get both of our other locations and actually add to them. This month we launched our second class at Eanes Elementary and last month was able to join in partnership with the City of Austin's Park and Recreation Department, securing the future of our Dittmar Park and Recreation location and adding the potential for expansion in the coming year! Enrollment is now open and classes start February 28th! Sign up today. 

In addition to those exciting growth opportunities, we launched classes at Austin Discovery School on January 3rd, lead by Kylie Bradford, as well as at the Lake Travis Community Library, under the fearless leadership of Shawn and Victoria Waite on February 1st. Lastly, we had the honor and privilege in joining forces with Orange Co-Working to launch classes on February 8th. We are so excited to have the Waite Family and Kylie join our team and can't wait to see the incredible things they lead the students to accomplish. 

As you can see, we've been busy. Because our growth has been SO BIG, we will just be sending a brief highlight about our guest mentor and what our kiddos are learning. So, without further ado--

Lake Travis Community Library kicked off classes to a full room of students on 2/1/18. With roughly 20 students present and several more on the waitlist, this location is sure to be a hit. Class was lead by Shawn Waite and $tart-Up! founder, Amber Wakem, had the pleasure to be a guest in class that day. Classes will meet the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month! 


Austin Discovery School has been going strong for about a month now; because it's an after school location managed by the school, we sadly aren't able to get any pictures. That doesn't mean we can't highlight the amazing mentors we have had! A big thank you to guest, Kurt West with American Dream Vacations RV Sales and Rentals, Hamid, founder of local food truck Stumpy's, Ron Martin with Ron Martin and Associates, Melissa Good, financial advisor, and Eric Garcia with Smart Sparrow Marketing. 

Eanes Elementary Monday group kicked off the year with Kurt West, founder of American Dream Vacations. As a staple $tart-Up! opener, Kurt shares with students the value of rapid ideation and how to bring your ideas to life. His childhood idea box actually inspired the addition of a new class activity where students create their own idea boxes! Thank you Kurt for always showing your support. 


This Semester, our Eanes Elementary starting class returned to move into session two of entrepreneurship. Instead of starting a business--they are GROWING their business. Joined by Linsi Brownson of Spark Collaborative, students worked on visualizing their goals for themselves this coming year. Returning group Sparking Wildflower decided to work on some rebranding; Jett, founder of Sweet Tooth Sushi worked on a cost breakdown analysis to gauge where his profit margins were while expanding. Students worked on creating mind maps and laying out goals. We are so proud of these dedicated kiddos! 


At Orange Co-Working, we started our semester with 25 young entrepreneurs ranging from five to fifteen! Kristopher Robin, co-founder of Stitch Texas joined us to talk about how ideas start small--but develop (with work and sometime several iteration phases) over time. Students were so busy and enthusiastic about working on their ideas, when class was announced to be wrapping up, we had several moans of unhappiness. 

2018 is going to be a great year--and we are SO EXCITED to see what it takes us. 

Until next time, stay curious! 


Amber Wakem