3/12: Time Flies When Your Having FUN!

GOODNESS GRACIOUS---where did the time go! Last I checked, it was February and now, we are half way through MARCH! Crazy how quickly time can fly when your're having fun. 

Over the past month, we have had a lot of exciting things happen. Not only have we found footing with two locations being taught by our wonderful and dedicated volunteers, we have received our first grant confirmation from the City of Austin, been nominated for our first award, and open up talks for continual expansion. Great things are coming for $tart-Up! and I can't wait to see what happens. 

As of now, we have several events on our calendar and are actively working for our first spring market on 3/25/18. The kiddos have been hard at work to think through their business and iron out the pieces to bring them to life. We've had some great speakers and wonderful guidance. Make sure you mark your calendar to come see these guys launch! Check out the hands on learning in action below: 

Another exciting $tart-Up! ditty, this April, we will be hosting our first mid market Retreat where students from around the city can come together, ideate and iterate with fellow like minded students in a beautiful, outdoor, fun environment. We will spent two nights at the Loralee Ranch in nature with horses, swimming, games, and good food. Check out our event page for more info. 

So, to spare you a small book worth of updates, I'll leave it there. We hope you're able to come out and support our students on March 25th--and again on May 5th, which is National Lemonade Day. Let's show the world kids are capable of more than just LEMONADE!

Until next time, Stay curious!  

Amber Wakem