Happy Birthday to Start-Up Kids Club!!

We celebrated our first full year of programming last month, and what a year it's been!

What started out as one, then quickly turned to three locations, grew to six---and has now become thirteen for this Fall 2018 school semester. 

We've learned so much along the way.  Here are a few things we sincerely appreciate:

  • Children are capable of just about anything when given the tools and support to try.
  • These businesses for for REAL.  Several Start-Up kids are selling their products at stores and restaurants in the area.  A quick shout out to Sanctuary of Westlake and BigTop Candy of SoCo.
  • Our community is FULL of amazing, knowledgeable and giving business experts and entrepreneurs.  We are so grateful for each of our mentors.  It truly brings our curriculum to life to have an adult ask to hear more about our students' ideas, challenges and goals. 
  • Failure and road blocks happen.  These things shows us how to improve and persevere if we can perceive them as valuable feedback rather than "the end". We're a start-up ourselves and know this first-hand ;)
  • Our program and it's success is a reflection of what can happen when a lot of hard work and some tremendous support from dedicated volunteers rally behind a valuable mission: Shaping the world by cultivating entrepreneurship to broaden youth perspective and enhance life skills through community connection and experience. 
  • People from every income bracket and walk of life have shown up to support us both financially and with their time.


There is even more to look forward to this coming year.

  • Each of our 4 markets will be held downtown at Republic Square and every one of our students is offered an opportunity to launch and sell their offering.
  • The Small Business Awards allow us to celebrate our students and mentors at the newly completed Notley Ventures Center for Social Innovation. 
  • We are launching the first ever open to ALL youth entrepreneurship competition.  Pitch Yea! will be held at the Paramount Stateside Theater in January of 2019. Stay tuned for more information!  
  • We're excited to be working with Rawson Saunders School, to build a middle school entrepreneur elective called "Launch Pad". We'll also be teaming up with Small Middle School to integrate entrepreneurship into their "Life Lab" elective, which introduces: business, financial literacy, social impact, and computer skills to more than 60 junior high students!

We look forward to another great year and thank all our supporters as we pursue our vision:
Because life happens beyond the classroom--we envision a global culture of independent, resilient, and socially aware individuals who are invested in shaping the world.


-Kelly Bethke, COO 


Photo credits: Sidney Hollingsworth Photography
Amber Wakem