Perspiration Means Hard Work

The Fall semester is fast in motion and we can’t wait to share updates about what exciting things are happening. Around most locations, students began idea development by discussing the words of Thomas Edison, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Teachers shared how coming up with the idea is just a small part—the rest takes hard work and dedication. Students began diving into what collaborations or sole proprietorship looked like, explored their target audience, and begin their market research, as well as voted on an investment opportunity. End of week totals showed Apple to take them win by one vote! As of next week, students will be investing $500 (of real money, no simulation my friend!) into Apple!

Let’s take a peek at some of our locations to see learning in action.


This week at the Magellan Entrepreneurs Club we welcomed in Erin Defosse, founder of Magellan International School and serial entrepreneur. He shared about the company he started out of the UT MBA program in 1997 that he owns 12 patents on and how it went from ideation, to reality. Students had a blast not only learning about Mr. Defosse’s innovative ideas but meeting the man who made their school a reality!


At Eanes this week, students were visited by 28 year-old, Packed Party founder, Jordan Jones. Ms. Jones shared how she turned her pity party for one into an inspiring business that helps bring joy and celebration to everyones life! Currently featured in more than 30 countries and with her flagship store here on South Congress, we were delighted to have Ms. Jones bring a little cheer to our class. We also had a surprise visit from Dave, the amazing SKC Videographer!


This week at Orange Co-Working, we welcomed Eric Sonnier, CEO of Lawgix, Inc. (a cloud-based web application), and “entrepreneur for other entrepreneurs.” He spoke with us about how he built his company around providing solutions to his target market, and reminded us that “no idea’s a bad idea” when searching for the best solution. Students loved working with Eric on developing their ideas, and questioning him about the cloud!


This week, Tyler Moyer stopped in to tell us all about his adventures building over the last four years.  He was an amazing mentor because his story helped the kiddos really start to grasp some of these “business concepts” in real-world terms that they are applying to their own ideas.  I can’t wait to see what our first marketplace looks like!


At Lake Travis Community Library we heard from Travis McAshan, founder of Glide Design.  With an awesome amount of positivity and energy, Travis shared his experiences in matching his passion with a business idea, and pursuing your dreams.  Students loved learning how a passion can be turned into a business and a profit.


This week we hosted Stefania Mereu who talked to us about ideation! We had a great time developing our ideas and honing in on THE one!


At The Breezz we welcomed Sam Ulu, CEO and founder of Candidly Photography. He showcased the basics in ideation and referenced how he focused on the three P’s to identify his business:

  • Passion

  • Pain

  • Purpose

Which helped guide him and his team toward an interesting solution for a common problem.


Rainy days don’t get us down! Students enjoyed the chance to get to come in to class early and start working away at their ideas. We were joined by Jenny Bebout, co-founder of Convey, an Austin based business that helps businesses take control of shipping. Our students loved to share their shipping nightmares with Jenny and wished her company would have been there to help them!

To all the volunteers and mentors who dedicated there time this week to help these kiddos think through their ideas—-thank you! We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Until next time,

Amber Wakem