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Everything we say, signifies; everything counts, that we put out in the world. It impacts on kids, it impacts on the zeitgeist of the time.
-Meryl Streep

Impact matters to us at Start-Up Kids Club. With every game, activity, mentor, and interaction, our purpose is to create a meaningful moment in the communities we service. During each step of the journey, we are constantly looking for feedback to measure how our program is not only shaping lives, but transforming the future.

Learn more about the difference we’re making by reviewing our 2018 End of Year Reporting.

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I signed my then six-year-old son up for the first semester of Start-Up Kid’s Club in the fall of 2017 after reading about it in the Community Impact. During that first semester, we met weekly with and the small group of other students to learn about starting a business by walking through the curriculum SKC designed. Each week, we had a new business leader from the community give a short presentation that tied into that week’s lesson and then would provide mentorship for the students as they worked on their own businesses. Since then, we’ve done another two semesters with the group, watching the number of classes and teachers grow so that there are now more than 10 groups meeting weekly.

My son, Miles, took off with Start-Up Kid’s Club. He’s developed two businesses: My Smiles Shop, which sold instructions for five designs of paper airplanes, and JoyMark! Printed Fun, which sells funny postcards, notecards and chocolate bar wrappers. He’s sold at six markets with Start-Up Kid’s Club, adding money to his savings account and donating some of his profits to five Austin charities. Miles has learned about developing an idea and getting ready to take it to market, from making the product to designing the booth to setting the price. He’s also developed his confidence as a salesperson and in general in communicating with people of all ages.

One of the greatest benefits I’ve seen for my son personally is that he has gotten to meet a range of inspiring adults that have worked as speakers and
mentors for the students. Miles lives with me and rarely sees his own father, who has issues with substance abuse and can’t visit with Miles without a court-appointed supervisor. Through this program, Miles has been able to hear from and
speak with successful business owners in our community, giving him positive examples to learn from as he navigates his adolescence. This has been so valuable to him.

I’m continually impressed with the additional opportunities SKC has given students. Miles has promoted his business on the radio, sold his items wholesale to a local store and online, gone on two weekend retreats with other students, and been celebrated at awards ceremonies where he’s won trophies for Most Innovative Business and Philanthropic Excellence. The experience of being part of SUKC is more than I ever could have imagined when we signed up in the fall of 2017.


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